Thursday, December 4, 2008

ClubRees is (Le) Cool

So we've made it into edgy London bible, Le Cool! Read the most recent issue here, or alternatively, read on:

Club Rees
Ex-colleague Seb is a City style guru. Hailing from Ilkley but having studied at the Sorbonne he had an instant je ne sais quoi baht ‘at (that’s Yorkshire French). Anyway, I have followed with interest the progress of the night he likes to call, Club Rees: club of every electro-indie disciple’s dreams at The Fly. What music can we expect, I ask him. ‘Anything I’ve picked up in Pure Groove Records or off my bedroom floor two hours before the set,’ he tells me. Does Club Rees have a signature tune? ‘Vuitton Blues by The Laurel Collective, to which all members dance on beer crates at the end of every night.’ Check the venue’s listings and you won’t see Club Rees mentioned. Is Seb bullshitting us? Well, all I’ll say is try whispering the name on the door, see what happens. / Delaina Haslam